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How to order drawing dies

Order Required

  • ND: Nature diamond wire dies
  • SMCD: Synthetic Mono crystalline Diamond wire dies
  • SSCD: Synthetic Single crystalline Diamond wire dies
  • TC: Tungsten carbide wire dies
  • PCD: Polycrystalline diamond wire dies
  • CBS: Compacting/Bunching/Stranding
  • CVD:Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond Coated Dies
ND/SMCD/CVD Wire diesTC wire diesShaped wire diesTube bush and diesPCD wire diesCBS wire diesExtrusion tips and diesCold heading diesRecuting or repolishing dies
Case size*Case sizes*Drawing of hole*Bush/plug or dies*Case size*Case sizeDrawingDrawing*Old size and new size*
Hoel diameter*Hole diameter*Case sizes*Tube material*Hole diameter*Hole diameter*With or without insert for tips*Material*Tolerance*
Tolerance*Tolerance*Tolerance*Drawing or required sizes*Tolerance*Tolerance*What insert for tips, ND or PCD or TC*ApplicationRedution angle
Reduction angleContent of cobaltSharp or corner*Material*Reduction angleReduction angleMateiral of tips and dies*Quatity per drawing”Bearing length
Bearing lengthWire material*Corner radius”Toleracne”Bearing lengthBearing lengthWith or without insert for dies*Wire material*
Wire material*Quantity each size*Wire materialQuatity each size*Wire material*Wire material*Hardness in HRC*Quatity*
Quantity each size*The height and diameter of nibsReduction angleQuantity each size*Quantity each size*Quatity*How to mark
Finished or only drilled dies*How to markBearing lengthFinished or only drilled dies*Max entrance angleHow to mark
Input wire*Blanks sizesBlanks numberTC or PCD*
Elongation or reduction percentageInput wire profile and sizes*Input wire*How to mark
How to markOther required sizes and detailedElongation or reduction percentage
How to markHow to mark
* Required
ItemSoft wire productHard wire product
Bell angle (α)70°±20°60°±20°
Approach angle (β)35°±5°30°±5°
Reduction angle (γ)18°±2°12°±2°
Bearing length (D)20-5040-60
Back relief angle(θ)15°±5°15°±5°
Exit angle (φ)50°±20°50°±20°
Standard configuration for other wire types also available

Hard wire product

Stainless steel wire, copper plated steel wire, galvanized steel wire, brass plated steel wire tungsten wire ,. etc

Soft wire product

Copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire gold wire ,. etc