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Recutting and repolishing maintenance sercives


Drawing die cost savings by re-using your dies
Die wear feedback, die usage report available upon request
Fast turn-around time/expedited service available
Easy ordering, one price per size
Customizable stocking programs that fit your needs


Available for PCD, SSCD, ND and TC dies
Recutting and resizing of dies
Die repolishing when wear is slight
Die profile changes possible
Recasing optional

MN provides customer the recutting and repolishing service for nature diamond dies, PCD dies and synthetic single crystal diamond.

Demaged area includs the entrance area, reduction area, bearing area.The engineer inspects each received dies very carefully and analyse the wear and recutting factors. The worker will recut and repolish each dies according to standard geometry of new dies.

The quality department will check each dies according to standard geometry of new dies, It ensure good production efficiency and excellent wire quality.

For PCD dies, if the defects are not very severe, the dies can be repolished by keeping the original diameter to improve longer life time.

Matched die sets and engineer

Our engineers engaged for copper wire factory and stainless steel wire factory as production art engineers for more than 10 years. The engineers have good experience and knowledges about the drawing technology.

The engineers can recount and match a sets of dies. And then engineer comprehensive consider the elongation, reduction angle and bearing length. For less than 0.06mm nature diamond dies for drawing copper wire, we can match a sets of dies according to resistance of copper.

The engineer can give you a good solution

Making up the die room

For convenience and cost-efficient,some customer want to recut and repolish the dies by themselves.

MN can help you making up a new die room, For exmple,find right machine and equipment, train the die person,providing diamond powder.

Seminars & Training

MN schedule regularly the training lesson to train own worker to get good skills from rationale to practice.

MN also schedule regularly the seminars and training lesson to satisfy the customer request. To help your die engineer or die personal to improving the skills.